Mega Construction Projects – Past and Present

South to North Water Transfer Project, China

Ambitious construction projects have been a favourite to mankind since the dawn of time. From ancient times until now architects and engineers have tried to push the boundaries of what’s possible. In construction though, limits are set not only by imagination but also by the materials, technology and knowledge that are available at the time. Nowadays architects and engineers possess the science, expertise and capacity to create structures unimaginable merely hundred or so years ago. Logistics have also improved greatly so constant supply of materials needed for the project is ensured by a small army of suppliers – much like the property removal or goods delivery industry but only for construction.

The Biggest Construction Projects Ever!

Below we have listed the great three of construction. Some of the infrastructure listed here is already in operation, while other examples are still in the making.

  • South to North Water Transfer Project, China

South to North Water Transfer Project, ChinaNorth China is home to nearly half of the nation’s massive population but fresh water in that neck of the woods is insufficient – only 20% of China’s natural resources are found in the North. Therefore the need for this massive project worth 80 billion USD, to be completed in the next 15 years.

  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, China

Arguably one of the largest road infrastructure projects ever undertaken. The build features two artificial islands and whopping 31 mile bridge to tunnel road structure.  The project began in 2008, with a projected cost of nearly 11 billion USD. It is expected for engineers to cut the ribbon in the current 2017.

  • Songdo International Business District, South Korea

Build on reclaimed land, the business district near Seoul is estimated to have cost at least 40 billion USD, however the true cost of this mammoth project is said to be unknown, at least not publicly. The business district was officially completed in 2015.